Do You Make Any Resolutions?

Posted on: December 29, 2010

It’s that time of year again when everyone makes a resolution they try to keep.  If you talk to anyone who has made a new year’s resolution, they may stick with it for a month or so and then it slips away so why do people put themselves through that?

I think New Year’s is just that, a new beginning – it’s a feeling that you can start over and put the previous year behind you and how many times has everyone wanted to do that?  With the past few years of this economic downturn, everyone just wants to move forward.

I think we should all resolve to see things in a different light.  We should stop talking about the past and move to the future.  I believe there are good things to come no matter how bad things may seem right now.  America is a country that fulfills dreams so we have to believe it will turn around and happen again.

No matter how bad you thought you had it in the past, there is always someone who has faced a more challenging situation…that may be hard to believe at the time but I think the past gives us the strength to face the future so no matter how challenging it’s been, it will get better.

The New Year’s Resolution for everyone…we all need to make it better – we must all believe it will all get better.  Attitude changes everything! 



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