It’s Not The End, It’s The Beginning

Posted on: November 17, 2009

Perseverance in not only important in this economy but at this time of the year and maybe even more important than any other time.  With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to take the end of the year and use it as an excuse but don’t be convinced or you’ll be unprepared in the months ahead.

It is easy for salespeople to get discouraged at the end of the year when you’re hearing “we have no more budget” or “we’re not doing anything until the new year,” or any other excuse someone can give you just to get rid of you, but don’t they always do that anyway?

The steps you take now will ensure your future success.  It is important to stay in front of your clients, especially at this time of the year.  It is also important to be setting your foundation now so when the New Year is here, you will be one step ahead of your competition.  Don’t just focus on your current clients but get in to see new clients.  One approach could be:

“Mr. Customer, I realize you may not have a budget at this time (or have no current needs) for our products/service, but now is a good time to meet so you can learn about what we have to offer so when the need does arise, you will be familiar with our company and how I can assist you.”

You cannot stop what you’re doing and let your guard down, especially now.  This is when you need to be speaking with new prospects and making more calls because we all know it takes more than one or two phone calls or messages for someone to remember you and what you are offering.

KeepItSimple but also keep the holiday season in perspective.  When the holidays are over you’ll be on the road again, presenting your products/services.  You will always encounter challenges and every salesperson hits a dry spell but perseverance is the key to getting through any slow period or challenging time. 

It may seem impossible now but remember, “this too shall pass.”  Making that one extra call a day can make the difference.


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