Do You Sell on Pricing or Value?

Posted on: November 5, 2009

What do you consider to be more important to your customers’?  The price or the value you provide with your product or service?  Many people would say that it ultimately comes down to price.  If a customer believes that the price is the only thing that’s important to them; you have not done a good job of selling.

No matter what you sell, price is always a topic of conversation but like a job interview, it should never be brought up until the later part of your discussion or you will be seen as a commodity.  Within the staffing industry, although there are a lot of staffing agencies out there; they are not all the same – as with your product/service – there is a unique value proposition you need to state from the beginning to entice them in wanting to learn more.

Selling on price is like committing commission suicide.  If your potential client is using someone else, ask what they like about the other product/service – if they could change anything, what would they change?  No product or service is perfect, however, you need to be prepared to tell the good stories and even the challenging ones to allow them to learn how you would resolve any unexpected challenges or how you might keep those situations from happening to them.

Nothing is ever free.  Good service comes at a price.  Most of the sales positions I’ve held have had its competition, however, it’s how you handle that with your potential client that really makes the difference.  Even if you think you offer everything your competition offers, it’s that one little detail that every salesperson in your industry is assuming your customer knows but never tells them – then see the edge you have once you tell them something no one else is saying.

It’s all about being different and separating yourself from the others!  For those staffing agencies that think they all do the same thing, price will be their only ammunition because they cannot set themselves apart by anything but price. 

If you have an appointment with someone who already uses another vendor, there is a reason they gave you a meeting so you’d better take advantage of the time you have because you are usually only given one chance to dazzle them with your differentiators.

It doesn’t need to be so difficult.  KeepItSimple and you will succeed!


1 Response to "Do You Sell on Pricing or Value?"

Therese, Great point! Businesses and salespeople who want to avoid selling or becoming a commodity, need to sell on value rather than price. Otherwise, you get stuck in the “cesspool” of all the other competitors who are price-driven only. Salespeople need to show their value and thus become a partner with the customer. Partnerships result in longer relationships which in turn can lead to more “win-win” scenarios for both the supplier and the customer.

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